We prepare tax returns for small business and individual clients. We focus on finding the best tax strategy for our small business clients according to their unique position in the small business arena. Some clients need to be a Sole-Proprietorship. Others need to incorporate.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Our clients are not bookkeepers, but we are. We provide this essential, necessary service for many of our clients. This not only provides the foundational reporting system for their business to capture all of the tax advantages for them, it is the basis of information from which the tax reporting is accomplished.

Tax Debt

Many small business owners and individuals come to us because they haven’t filed tax returns for a number of years, or the IRS may have contacted them because of their failure to file. We assist with the best program tailored to their individual need to solve the problem to their best advantage.

Tax Returns

Tax debts will not go away on their own. It is essential that you get straight talk from your representative with no empty promises that sound too good to be true. That’s when you can take back control of your future.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Tax Debt Resolution

Delinquent Tax Returns

Small Business Services

We support our small business clients with their day to day concerns and needs for clarification of tax matters relating to their small businesses.

Our small business clients are freed up from the hassle of keeping their books And reconciling their accounts.

We work with those on a regular basis who have not filed their tax returns for a number of years, sometimes five, ten or even 15 years and more. Yes, we know how to fix their problem.

We resolve both federal and state tax debts for our clients.

As a former IRS agent and manager, I know what you’re up against and we have the experience to steer you through this unwanted event so that your every advantage can be identified.


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