Small Business Services

We offer more than just tax preparation and bookkeeping services to Charlotte businesses; we provide expert guidance to help them grow and maintain organizational efficiency.

We support our small business clients with their day to day, week to week and year-round questions, concerns, and any needs they may have to clarify tax matters relating to their small businesses. Typically, our clients will call with a need to use us as a sounding board to confirm an idea or strategy they have on their minds. Or, a client may have a question about a tax notice. For example, whether to pay a penalty.

The point is that our services to prepare tax returns and provide accounting and bookkeeping for our small business clients is only the starting point. From there, we launch into many areas of concern regarding questions, upcoming opportunities for consideration, and any other matter they need to run by their CPA to find out how to approach a problem or before making that final decision.


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