IRS Tax Audits

If you have received an IRS tax audit notice, contact us immediately. We provide tax audit representation & protection!

When you receive notice from the IRS or the state that you are being audited, contact us immediately. Do not contact the auditor before we talk.

There are alternatives to be considered when faced with an audit. The goal here is to get you the help you need to respond to the audit notice.

Some of our clients want nothing to do with an audit and bring us on board to handle the audit from the very start through the complete audit process.

Others are more independent and want to conduct the audit themselves but need guidance from an experienced professional who is capable of guiding them step-by-step through the audit process.

We often run into the situation where the person audited has responded to the audit notice and has gone through the initial phase of the audit, working with the auditor. As a result of this approach, the auditor issues the audit report detailing any adjustments that are determined to be made to the tax return.

When the person being audited does not agree with the auditor’s report, they seek help to undo the damage reflected in the auditor’s report. This is when the person comes to us or is referred to us by their tax return preparer. In these situations, we are able to review and analyze the auditor’s report and confirm the accuracy of the report or create a defense for the adjustments reflected on the report with the goal of reversing the proposed increases in tax for our client.

In all of the above situations, we provide our clients with the experience and resources needed to arrive at accurate, well-represented tax filing. We provide the representation they need to defend their positions taken on the tax returns that were accurately filed.


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