Delinquent Tax Return Preparation

If you owe back taxes, let us help you! We have 30+ years experience assisting those who owe in taxes.

We find it very common for small businesses to get behind in filing their tax returns. There are so many reasons for this. We cannot begin to name them all. But the basic thread that runs through their failure to file seems to be related to the owner’s focus.

The small business owner focuses on operating, managing, and growing his business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Tax filings are not top of mind, so it begins with missing one period. Many times, this snowballs into subsequent periods not being filed, either a few more periods or many more.

This is where we can help.

We immediately implement our strategy to get control of the overall situation. Our response has a dual purpose. First, we gain control of the taxing authorities to protect our client from any threatening action by them. Next, we move forward with creating the plan to get the delinquent returns prepared and filed, and we follow through with keeping the client current moving forward.


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